The 1st Fundraising Event:

Wednesday, August 22
Come out to support Redhawk football and the Quarterback Club! Proceeds go toward a memorable year for players and trainers.

2018 Saturdays - Coaching Staff Meals:

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#PFD is not just a mantra about football, but a way that we should live our lives.
P - Passio - Passion - a willingness to suffer hardship for those we love.
F - Famulus - Servanthood - placing others as more important than ourselves, sacrificing for the greater good.
D - Ductus - Leadership - leading by example.
When we are willing to do these things in each facet of our lives, we will be successful. Practice those things daily.
#PFD     #RedhawkNation

Donations & Support: Redhawk Football

Join US!
Become a 2018-2019 Redhawk Quarterback Club (RQC) member. By doing so you are helping to support the many programs we offer our players. (Registration will open again in August 2018)
RQC is totally run by volunteers and we need help to be successful.
Go Redhawks!