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Sept 21st - Spiritwear Sales @ Toyota Stadium
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Volunteers Needed: Parent Volunteers

***By volunteering, you are supporting your player's success on the Liberty Redhawk Football team.

Donations & Support: Redhawk Football

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Rising Redhawks 10/20

Redhawks, #PFD is not just a mantra about football, but a way that we should live our lives.
P - Passio - Passion - a willingness to suffer hardship for those we love.
F - Famulus - Servanthood - placing others as more important than ourselves, sacrificing for the greater good.
D - Ductus - Leadership - leading by example. When we are willing to do these things in each facet of our lives, we will be successful. Practice those things daily.
#PFD     #RedhawkNation